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school of rhythms – education through music-based metaphor


I am an Educator, Economist, and Musician who is passionate and deeply interested in rhythms, their meaning, and their role in human life. I offer cross-disciplinary Educational Curriculums, Workshops, Training Sessions, Events, and Keynote Speeches.


Through my experience, research and understanding of rhythm and orchestration, I have developed a rhythm-based training approach, which employs metaphorical thinking, movement, singing and a wide spectrum of percussion instruments to transform any group into a co-creating, co-operating, and performing mini-orchestra, draw inspirations and solutions form this experience.

The unique workshops are made up of their own internal imaginative rhythm: four rounds moving from Inspiration, through Imitation and Improvisation to Innovation. Moving the participants through a deep artistic experience – designed to deepen the understanding of the meaning of the body, emotions, silence, personality, creativity, diversity, effectivity, relationships, dialogue, cooperation, teamwork and fun – towards harmonious management and leadership for the common good.


BACH TO AFRICA – a rich metaphor and simultaneously a music-based educational game and training for Educators of all levels and Art Therapists. Participants leave equipped with an educational tool aimed at supporting the personal and social development of children and young adults.

SERVICE LEADERSHIP – a simulation game designed for the corporate world and social leaders. This game establishes an inspirational learning environment and is designed as a tool to foster leadership and managerial skills. Throwing down challenging scenarios for team-building, cooperation, communication, talent management, strategic thinking, creativity, empowerment, and leadership.

BACK TO THE ROOTS – the unique interfaith educational training game. The Game’s main intention is to promote dialogue and cooperation between faiths*: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam towards peace and harmonious coexistence. (*also including others religious, and that of Atheism, which is seen as a confession of faith in the nonexistence of God)

DRUMS AND MORE ORCHESTRA – a workshop utilizing drums and a collection of percussion instruments from all over the world, for integrating groups and teams. It injects joyful energy, encourages team-building, and a collaborative experience during company meetings, conferences, and cultural events.

Piotr Samuel Gospodarczyk

*dedicate this work to st. Therese of Lisieux.

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Bach to Africa

‘Bach to Africa’ is a multidimensional training tool utilizing music-based metaphors for an experience and understanding of music in a fun and original way. Participants are coached in playing all the percussion instruments utilized in the game, in using the unique rhythmic-dance-vocal method, then going on to co-create, manage, and finally perform as a unique Band or Orchestra. This game goes beyond just the musical experience, it acts as a means for identifying core values, attitudes, and skills in and of the group. As an innovative educational approach, it aims to:

  • strengthen concentration and attention span
  • develop the ability to focus and unlock the body potential
  • develop and express the imagination and creativity
  • develop communication and listening skills
  • teach cooperation, team-building and identifying the common good
  • enhance strategy building, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • foster personal responsibility, and teamwork without competition
  • introduce a sense of music through the synergy of movement, rhythm, singing and playing percussion instruments
  • bring understanding to the role of rhythm in creating habits, rules, or rituals towards harmony
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Service Leadership – Move from „me” to „we”

‘Service Leadership and Management by values is a unique training game utilizing music-based metaphor to illustrate and develop key Managerial and Leadership skills. Through the use of rhythmical simulation training exercises and a collection of world percussion instruments, participants have the opportunity to create, manage, and perform as a original orchestra. Participants leave equipped with new ideas for implementing training processes in the workplace

As an innovative training exercise, it aims to encourage:
  • service leadership and empowerment
  • cooperation and commitment
  • creativity and innovation
  • team-building and effective team relationships
  • project, team, and time management in times of change
  • building effective and flexible strategies for achieving objectives
  • understanding and implementing the idea of harmony and common good
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Back to the Roots

The game is a powerful art tool and training metaphor about identity, and supreme principles. The Back to the Roots incorporates the unique challenges of listening to each other, learning from each other, and mutual understanding, including metaphorical thinking, teamwork, and dialogue exercises.
The Back to the roots training experience:

  • utilizes the unique rhythmic-dance-vocal method and percussive instruments
  • immerses body in the unique art experience of creating a harmonious coexistence
  • inspires mind how to orchestrate a culture of dialogue
  • ignites heart to create a new beat in the history of relations between faiths
The participants don't need any musical or dance skills to take part in this interfaith playful journey. Only one thing is necessary: open mind and open heart. further information

integration „Drums Orchestra”

‘Drum Orchestra’ is an integrative and team-building workshop. Participants are introduced to a variety of world percussion instruments and the most interesting traditional rhythms. Under the direction of a Conductor, the participants are transformed into an Orchestra. The workshop culminates in a concert performance of drums, rain sticks, thunder tubes, oceanic drums, and many more surprising instruments. This workshop enables participants to experience the power of communication, cooperation, integration, and fun.

families or communities

For children and parents. In this workshop, everyone gets to play the drum and the most fascinating percussion instruments from all over the world. Participants will ‘meet’ kookaburras, rattlesnakes, monkeys, birds, dingoes, and immersed in meaningful stories that awaken the imagination. They will learn exciting rhythms and the true language of the drum.


Boomwhackres Orchestra

A spectacular ‘show’ that transforms any event or conference of participants into a concert of a thousand colourful sounds.

Good sounds and silence

‘Good Sounds and Silence’ is an innovative workshop for Educators, Teachers and Therapists. This set of unique games uses sound, silence, nature and percussion instruments as means for developing our ability to listen, contemplate and act for the building of good relationships with oneself, others and the world.

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International Projects


Examples of my international projects to date include:

  • Mitsubishi Orchestra during world Mitsubishi Leaders meeting, DoubleTree by Hilton, 2018 Warsaw
  • The power of music inspiration, an interactive lecture for YPO Poland Chapter Warsaw
  • Drums Orchestra Event for Volvo European Top Management Leaders. National Forum of Music, Wroclaw, Poland 2017
  • The Wroclaw University International Studensts Drums and More Orchestra Project 2016-2021
  • Drums Orchestra Integration workshop for Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk Leaders Conference. Munster and Berlin Germany 2106
  • The metaphorical Orchestration for M+W Group Global Leaders Conference. Warsaw 2016
  • Bach to Africa" play as a musical metaphor of cooperation, communication and creativity. Workshops for Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk leaders. Berlin 2015
  • Management by Values for the senior managers and executive board of the Marine Harvest International Group. Sopot 2015 Poland
  • Bach to Africa workshops in November 2014, Lviv, Ukraine. This was for the Art Meetings Festival for children, youths and teachers and Jazz European musicians.
  • Bomwhackers Orchestras during the Orientation Days Erasmus Exchange Program for over 500 international students. University of Wroclaw in October 2014 and 2015
  • Management by Values for top managerial and executive board of Credit Agricole Bank from France and Poland Czarna Gora Poland 2013
  • The miracle of listening. Good sounds and silence workshops during two International Conference for Educational Methodology and Art Therapy for educators, doctors and psychologist from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. Jelenia Gora Poland 2011 and 2012 Psycho-educative workshops and lectures using percussion instruments and games in order to stimulate concentration and attention span, listening and exercising stillness. The workshops were conducted with Maksymilian Nawara OSB, who leads Christian meditation and interreligious dialogue centre in Benedictine monastery in Poland.
  • Drums Orchestra for Polish and Hungarian project managers ZUNO Bank. In Cracow Poland 2012
  • Drums Orchestra for Polish and Slovakian project managers BASF Company. In Sromowce Nizsze Poland 2012
  • Drums Orchestra for children with jazz musicians Bodek Janke and Matthias Schriefl in Wroclaw Poland 2012
  • Kids' Guernica International project as the first in Poland in Wroclaw 2011. A project aimed at children and young people, promoting peace and opposition to war through art and play. Young participants of artistic happening got together and have painted a great picture - child Guernica.
  • Risk of Art. A painting inspired by the sounds of "Deep Sea" congas sent especially for us by the German global manufacturer Roland Meinl. The picture was painted by children from the orphanage. The painting was sent to the head office of Roland Meinl in Gutenstetten Germany.
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